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Back in 1997 the Lebanese Council to Resist Violence Against Woman LECORVAW was established by a group of social activists which saw the need saw the need to make a stand and stop all forms of violence and discrimination against women, by 1999 LECORVAW had two Listening and counselling Centers operating in both Beirut and Tripoli.


LECORVAW mission focuses on highlighting the issues of Gender Based Violence (GBV), Violence Against Woman (VAW), and Violence Against Children (VAC), through different axis mainly the following:
_Raising awareness and sensitizing the civil society
_Legal reform of oppressive laws against women and Children
_Offering appropriate services and consultations for women survivors of violence and their children. (Social, Legal, Medical and Psychological).
_Issuing and releasing on regular basis different types of social and legal publications around the issues of VAW, GBV and VAG.
_Ratification and implementation of international conventions and UN resolutions.


“LECORVAW” looks towards a society free of all forms of violence governed by democratic relations between the family members and within the society as a whole, a society that ensures equality, justice and dignity to all its citizens where all members of this society can live equally in a democratic environment free of all forms of violence and discrimination.

LECORVAW’s listening and counseling center services:

_we respect the principle of confidentiality

_we offer you the support, consultation and referral through our helpline 24/7.

_we receive you, listen to you and inform you on your social and legal rights.

_we offer you and your children the social and legal counseling and support.

_we offer you and your children psychological follow up.

_we provide legal representation for social special cases.

_we refer you to forensic doctors for medical legal reports.

_we refer you to other organizations as needed.

_we provide economic empowerment in special cases.

_we refer you to shelters in case of life threatening dangers.

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