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The Lebanese University student – Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences (Branch 1, 2nd year), Sally Mahmoud Moussa presented a project on "Women’s Rights" to the Embassy of France in Beirut. The project was ranked first among fifty projects submitted from Lebanon and the Arab world.


In an attempt to win the representation of the universities of Lebanon and the Arab world in raising women's awareness of their rights, Sally Moussa initially submitted a written briefing paper on her project to the Embassy of France. She was then contacted with four others to submit their projects orally before a Specialized Human Rights Committee and was selected to attend workshops on Women’s Rights to be held in France in June.


Sally Moussa project included ideas and posters on "Women's Rights" in terms of strengthening their legal culture on the subjects of the right to nationality, marriage of minors and equality with men.


In addition to her specialization in law, Sally is pursuing Economics (3rd year) at the Lebanese University - Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

Last modified on Tuesday, 16 July 2019